Two sovereign webs conjoined by the depth of their mutual passions and interests.

Purple Crayon Foundation

Purple Crayon Foundation Logo

My foundation’s mission is to support non-profit programs and institutions focusing on: international, educational, and children’s issues. Our work is with organizations bringing transformational vision to the community, local and global.


PeaceTrees Vietnam Logo

PeaceTrees Vietnam is dedicated to healing communities affected by war through landmine removal and education, survivor assistance, community development, and citizen diplomacy.

PeaceTrees is built on the visionary shoulders of people, Vietnamese and American, dedicated to sharing the pain of the past and transforming it into the possibility of a shared future: war to peace, advisary to partner. It is a miracle manifested. Who I am, the way I work in the world, and my ability to hold possibility are personal, spiritual gifts I received by working with PeaceTrees. My love and belief in this organization runs deep. They represent the elevation/evolution of the human spirit.

Global Partnerships’ mission is to expand opportunity for people living in poverty. For over 20 years, GP has invested in social businesses in Latin America, the Caribbean and sub-Saharan Africa that bring essential goods and services to marginalized communities.

Lifting people out of poverty is a team effort. It requires flexibility, a multi level understanding of partnership, and a willingness to stretch towards vision. This is the heart of the GP mission. Thanks to their dedicated team, GP provides the structure that gives people the platform to find their potential, their power, and their voice.

PeaceTrees Vietnam Logo

Our mission is to educate children who are deaf and/or have learning difficulties so they can become part of their community despite their disability.

This is the school that helped me launch my vision. I am indebted to Ceci Escobar and the students of IREE for giving me the space to create, find my inner teacher, and, above all, to partner and bring in vision.

PeaceTrees Vietnam Logo

Through the Pipeline Project, UW undergraduates provide K‑12 students with tutoring and mentorship as a means of transforming the learning experience and inspiring the growth of both groups of students, while addressing inequities in public education.

I partnered with Christine Stickler, creator and program director, to create a year long program of mentorship between University of Washington Students and the Makah Community of Neah Bay. I am very grateful to Christine, the teams of UW students, and to the Neah Bay Elementary community who showed me the power of knowing your roots and the ability of schools to heal communities.

PeaceTrees Vietnam Logo

Student Veteran Life provides centralized services and programming that supports student veterans and their dependents in their academic endeavors. They grow and strengthen the veteran community and identity by cultivating a sense of pride in the sacrifices that student veterans have made in service to their country and they represent the unique position and needs of our veteran constituents.

I love walking into the UW SVL office because I feel a powerful sense of connection and belonging…even as a civilian. Their vision is creative. Their ability to weave vets into the greater UW community is powerful. Their dedication to giving veterans a community and home is unwavering. I am in awe of their huge hearts.

PeaceTrees Vietnam Logo

The mission of the University of Washington Dream Project is to assist low-income and first-generation high school students in attaining higher education and to raise awareness among university students about the issues of educational opportunity and social mobility.

The Dream Project students are my heroes and my mentors! They’ve created a powerful, transformational organization with very little adult supervision. The UW students are the leadership designing the entire program, from the steering committee all the way down to the student mentors. AND…it works!!! Dream Project is giving us a new path to inspiring student’s desires for education and showing the community how to be present in lifting these students into their new vision and potential. Brilliant!  

Gurlz on the Move Logo

Gurlz on the Move

Gurlz on the Move was established to inspire and improve the self esteem and self pride in girls of color. Our program is designed to educate young girls to become women with strong character and strong life skills.

Girls are moving, rocking, and rolling thanks to Wendy Armour. She knows how to reach in and lift up the potential and strength of young African American women…actually, of any one who is in her presence. Her ideas are effective, and her consistent dedication and love create the bond of trust needed for spirits to grow. I wish I had known Wendy when I was a teenager.

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Leading from the Heart

Our mission is to expand the strength, heart, and imagination of the social change movement and its leaders in the Western Washington region.

Through my work with NGOs I’ve learned holding on to a big vision can be difficult. How do social justice leaders continue to drive, and inspire their work towards a vision of fairness and justice when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges? I love Leading from the Heart because it gives people a place to deeply talk about their experience, and to explore techniques and perspectives that help them tap more deeply into their resilience and creativity.

Caura Futures and Maquisapa Logo

Caura Futures supports the conservation of the Caura River Basin ecosystem by providing training and tools to safeguard indigenous knowledge, improve human health, and promote good ecosystem stewardship.

Tarek and the Caura Futures community remind me what a wonderful privilege it is to be a donor. I get a front row seat in watching what it takes to pick up forgotten cultural threads and reweave them into the fabric of indigenous communities. The creativity is strong and the applications for finding “what works” is far reaching. Every conversation I have with Tarek opens my world that much wider. The reweaving created by this great community strengthens not just the local fabric but our global fabric as well.

The Bread Lab Logo

The programs of the Washington State University Bread Lab work to breed and develop publicly available varieties of grains and other crops that will benefit farmers, processors, and end-users while enhancing access to affordable and nutritious food for all members of our communities. The Bread Lab plays a major role in moving food systems in more meaningful and just directions.

WSU Bread Lab brings me back to my roots, and so much more. Steve Jones and his team combine science and art to create and innovate wheat in a manner that holds integrity. From the smaller inner workings of genetics to the larger system of the environment in which wheat grows, being in right relationship allows the Bread Lab to partner with wheat, environment, and farmer to deliver wheat that is nutritious and supportive of life.

American Muslim Research Institute (AMRI), University of Washington: Bothell

The initiative is data-driven and embraces a community-based approach. Scholars who study American Muslims and non-Muslim religious and ethnic communities that have received decades of scrutiny, come together to create more knowledge related to the study of minorities in the US, with a special emphasis on American Muslims.

Before I met Professor Dana and AMRI, I was absolutely ignorant on issues regarding Muslims and their experience in the US. Through my support of AMRI, I’ve been exposed to leading thinkers and their knowledge/wisdom, history of Muslims here and abroad, and, best of all, I have met amazing members of the Muslim community. I found my own hidden prejudices and was able to positively challenge them. The result; a deeper, informed world view, a grander capacity to enjoy the beauty of others, and a greater understanding of myself.


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